Debbie Downer Is High On Stress


Reading back through my last few posts makes even me want to pick my booty up and kick it. Geez! It’s the holiday season for Pete’s sake! Alas, life has chosen this particular time to flood me with a list of worries. And just being frank here, I am NOT a good worrier. Worry does nothing but make my neck tense, upset my stomach and make me a cranky insomniac. In others words, something has to give or I might just fly over the cuckoo’s nest.

I’m beyond the general anticipation of our impending move, and I’m beginning to work on the actual steps and considerations we have to take care of to make this whole thing happen. That means we have to figure out our house situation (please sell house…PLEASE!), figure out how to get two people coming from two locations and two dogs halfway across the country in a week, organize and prepare our things for the movers, find a place to live, figure out my job situation and the financial impact of keeping or losing it due to the move (and hope we won’t go broke), find a four wheel drive car for snowy South Dakota, and somehow find time to enjoy the holidays and our last month together before Husband is shipped off for three months of training.

I typically don’t “stress out.” Sure I might get a little wired from time to time, but being the planner that I am I simply make a list of my to-dos and formulate a step-by-step plan to get it all done. The problem with my current scenario is the fact that close to all of my worries are completely out of my hands at the moment. I would feel entirely different if I have some sort of control over working through some of it, but unfortunately all I can do is let time, luck and the sweet Lord above do their things and pray for serenity during the process.

I hope I’m not losing you guys as I find my way through this little jungle of logistics. The reality is, this is my reality. I wish I could paint it in pretty bright colors and decorate it with a few sparkles, but nobody really lives that way do they? What I can say is that I have absolute faith that God has lead us to this exact point, and I know without a doubt in my heart that everything will work out just fine. Fine. Fine is such a funny word to describe a state of being isn’t it? What is fine anyway? Fine to me is whatever you deal with, accept and find contentment and joy in. Isn’t that all of our goals for life anyway?

Stick with me! Snowy South Dakota and all of it’s buffalo, snowmobiles and famous Black Hills awaits, and I’m ready for the adventure!

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