Affordable Millwork to Transform Your Room

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If you caught the previous post you saw how I designed and executed adding this wall moulding for Eva’s bedroom starting with this mockup…Over the last few weeks I finally settled on a paint color, Behr Wheat Bread, lightened 60% in the washable flat Sherwin Williams paint.

I decided to use the paint sprayer this time for two reasons. One, I didn’t paint the wall before installing the millwork and I wanted to avoid having to cut in on all the details. Two, since I used the PVC trim I wanted to ensure a full, non-brush stroked coverage finish. So to prep I taped off the wall using this 3M pre-taped plastic which is a Godsend when it comes to spray painting. It takes a little finesse to get it up, but once it’s taped the plastic sticks to the walls (or whatever) with static cling and protects from overspray.

Fuzzy picture here to show the pre-taped plastic. 

One of the biggest questions I’ve received is whether it’s worth it to use the sprayer because of the prep involved and the cleanup. After this project I would say a resounding yes, it’s totally worth it! The prep takes probably about the same time as it would to use a brush and roller, once you get the hang of taping the plastic up. And once it’s up, spraying literally takes minutes and you get an unbeatable finish.

It took a lot of samples, and a lot of tweaking of the samples to find the right shade of greige. Her bedding will be purple and I didn’t want it to pull too many of those purple tones and become a big purple disaster. I also didn’t want the paint to darken the room too much. I needed a great light, perfectly neutral shade and I think we accomplished that! It works great with what I’m doing with her room, but it would work easily with any decor.

One decision I had to make was how to address the outlets since my molding hit right where they are. Some people choose to encase or frame outlets and switches. Other run their trim up almost flush, which is the route I took. I also put small buts of tape in the holes, but left the outlet covers up and sprayed over them so they would blend seamlessly with the wall. I love the finished look.
The whole wall, including paint, cost about $80 total and it makes a huge impact in that room. Totally time and money well spent in my opinion!  Next up is her rug and new bed. Be sure to follow along with my on my instagram here so you don’t miss the play by play as I work through these projects!

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