Monday Morning Biznass

I woke up this morning with my right pinky finger throbbing as though it would burst open any minute. I got stung by a bee on Saturday. Who the heck gets bee stung in January? A little yellow jacket out for a winter flight landed on our kitchen faucet, which I proceeded to grab to wash a dish, and he caught my little pinky in his last few moments. I don’t know if I’m being a baby or not, but my finger is swelled up like a soysauge and just throbs. My father is allergic to bee stings and I’ve always wondered in my tendency to swell up like a balloon equals a mild allergy myself. 

Nevertheless, a swollen finger, strong coffee, a rainy day and a list of “to dos” I’ve attacked this Monday morning with a vengeance. In addition to talking to Husband one last time before boot camp starts (today!), I also needed to follow up with a guy about our housing situation, finish closing out our old bank accounts, and for my most exciting task…follow up with a guy in the area about some custom built furniture for our new SD digs πŸ™‚
In our previous home we started with a very dramatic feel, leftover from my obsession with a Parisian theme throughout college (didn’t we all?). Think lots of red, gold, black and rich looking furniture. When we got married we tried to revamp some of it and start simplifying. Our bedding went from a gold silk quilt to a green cotton quilt and white down comforter, and we removed the oriental rugs to be updated with more modern, yet still loud replacements, and the sconces and decorative wall hangings turned simple and rustic. About halfway through our remodel we realized that we would be moving in the next year or so and our decorating came to a halt as it now seemed like wasted time and money. And prior to moving out of the house we all but sold and donated everything minus the big rug and our bedroom furniture. Getting rid of the mish mash of decor.
So, with the fresh slate of this new life, new town, and new home, we are trying to also take our time and determine what OUR style is going to be. Husband has defined his favorite style as “modern rustic”. At first thought, I swore there was no such thing, however after some Pintresting I realized that he loved what I loved (to an extent, I tend to be willing to go to more extremes), and began to develop a vision for our new home. I have to actually create style boards for Husband so he can understand what I’m trying to explain. I had planned to share them now but just realized they are saved on the Time Capsule back at the barn. So for now I’ll show you what we are going for in regards to our dining room table, coffee table and bed.
For the dining room table we wanted a farm table constructed of reclaimed wood, very simple, slightly primitive and rugged. This beauty is slightly more polished than we would have liked, but the price was pretty stellar and the carpenter is local, and does custom work, so it was a winner for us.
Sorry for the blurry pic, it’s from the listing
In our discussions I had the bright idea to ask him about a coffee table as well, to which he said he could build anything we wanted. So now I am having him quote us on a coffee table and bed with the below pictures for inspiration.
Via Pottery Barn
Via Pottery Barn 

So now we are just waiting, and hoping, that he can build us the furniture of our dreams…on our budget of course πŸ™‚ Not too bad of a Monday really.

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