Eva’s Final Bedroom Reveal

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Some projects require literal blood sweat and tears. Not to be dramatic, but it’s truth. This started a quick bedroom refresh so our three year old didn’t feel left out after her big sister got a dream vintage fairy tale princess room as part of the One Room Challenge. I knew I wouldn’t go quite as intense, but in some ways, pieces of this room were ever bit as involved and putting up wallpaper and wall to wall beadboard.

This room started with creating some simple and slightly modern picture frame moulding using PVC composite screen moulding. It worked perfectly and allowed me to create this millwork for less than $40 for the whole wall! You can see that tutorial here

From there I had to find the perfect “greige.” Something that would be provide a great neutral background, keep it warm and bright, and not pul too many purple tones leaving the room one big purple disaster. Turns out behr Wheat Bread lightened up 60% was the perfect color. Next I thrifted a vintage dresser off Facebook Marketplace, sanded the entire thing down (including accidentally going through the veneer whoops!), refinished it, updated the knobs, and paired it with a thrifted arch mirror accessorized with some classic shaded sconces. I will be adding that tutorial here but you can also find it in my highlights on my instagram profile here.And last came the bed. This bed had been left to rot in a little shack on Lake Fontana, NC on some property my Father In Law bought. It was covered in cracked and peeling paint and rust, and was bent to add insult to injury. I spent days stripping and sanding and repairing the finish, then sprayed it a matte black (tutorial coming, but also available in my insta highlights!). It looks good as new and only ended up costing about $40 to refinish. Compared to the ones that sell for over $300 new I was super pleased with the result! A few pieces of art (one gifted by a family member, one cut out of an old book, and one found at the Habitat ReStore), a nightstand gifted from my mom, some cozy bedding with ALL the textures, and a gorgeous rug to pull it all together. Et voilà!!  With both of the girls rooms I wanted to up the sophistication so they could grow with them, while maintaining some whimsy and sweetness. I’ll be honest, I would be more than happy to call this room my own! 


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