Turning Life’s Lemons Into Hot Toddies

Last Friday, while dealing with what is becoming increasing tension, Husband and I got into a little tiff. I won’t pretend that the mounting stress, combined with the encroaching holiday rush and general lack of time to really reconnect (which is a big deal considering he is about to leave for three months) hasn’t taken a toll on our patience. Some days even the littlest thing results in raised voices and a half hour of silence until we move on. This day our tiff left me with hurt feelings and a scowl on my face. In an attempt to apologize Husband offered up going to pick out a Christmas tree and listening to Christmas music while we ate dinner and decorated. He knew exactly what he was doing as this has been a dream date night I’ve tried to execute for the past three years with no success thanks to crappy exam study schedules. And even though he later resented his offer, he was stuck for a night of Christmas fun.
The only photo I have of us that night because husband basically refused to take pictures

Tree purchased, installed in its stand and awaiting decoration we spent a while chatting with the in-laws over drinks, a hot toddy in my case as I attempted to naturally cure my lingering cold, and cooking up a dinner of quinoa stuffed acorn squash. A little while later our friend Joey showed up, then my cousin, and eventually my sister. As the fake fireplace flickered on our big screen and holiday cheer increased with each crimson sip of wine, my heart began filling with perfect happiness.
The guys were in charge of the lights

Admiring their handywork…and the tree topper
I really love the inviting cozy feeling of this barn. I love it even more speckled with the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree and the scent of pine wafting through the air. Combined with the laughter of our family and friends there isn’t much more I could ask for. Fighting a cold, and the ever present onslaught of tears over our short time left here, is only remedied by the rich moments we are getting to share with the people that have had nothing short of a huge impact on our lives.
I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and that we’ve acted out a big faux pas decorating early, but taking advantage of the only night we would have in the next two weeks to have the perfect tree decorating party is most definitely something I’ll never be ashamed of. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than finding love and gratefulness for this life…in a barn (albeit a slightly fancier barn), just like the true reason for the season!

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