Happy 2nd Anniversary Husband

Ours has been described as a strange kind of love by some. I’ve been told that some even think the reason we work is because we are both just as weird as the other. I could see that πŸ™‚
Strange or not I couldn’t be more grateful for the blessing he has been to me nor could I love him more.
Last Fall he (albeit reluctantly) accepted my request to run a half marathon with me. Being a terrible runner I depended on his consistent encouragement and support to get through it. He never gave up on me and always did what he could to help me reach that goal. Even if it meant running and extra half mile (in addition to the 10 he’d already completed) to find me alone on a dark wooded trail both feet cramped up and nearly in tears. And as I approached the finish line I heard his voice screaming out in the crowd pushing me to the finish.
When my Grandfather passed away last Christmas I was in awe at the person he became to get me through that hard time. In our almost six years together I had never seen that side of him. He was literally a rock that held me up when I truly couldn’t stand on my own and it meant more to me than possibly anything else thus far in our relationship.
Throughout law school and specifically this past summer I watched in silent amazement as he dedicated his every waking hour to acing the Bar exam. His dedication and determination are simply inspiring.
Since we have moved to the barn we have spent all day every day together and I find it impressive that we are able to do so without annoying the heck out of each other. We just sort of flow through the day. No need for constant conversation. No need for undivided attention. Just two souls inhabiting one place getting through the day’s work.
We’ve been able to steal back some of the quality time we have missed. Exploring, eating, living together.
We’ve cried (well I did) and then looked forward to our next adventure.
And sitting here today I can’t imagine a more perfect man to call my husband. This year hasn’t been very easy but I can’t help but be proud of how we have managed through it and still come out with loving and caring attitudes toward one another.
Our relationship isn’t full of verbal affirmations or affectionate encounters. The best way I could describe it is that we simply love. This anniversary, just like the last, isn’t being marked by a special trip or a fancy dinner. It’s funny how appropriate it really is that we woke up, ate eggs and pancakes on the deck, I went to work and he ran errands and tonight we will do our favorite thing by cooking Indian food and lounging on the couch with the pups.  Today we will be a little more benevolent about our “I love yous” and “Happy Anniversaries” but really it’s just like any other day. And that’s ok with me because I love him. Every day.

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