Yacht Rock, Champagne, And Wicked Brews

Why is that on Sundays beer (or champagne) slides like water, relaxation hits its peak, and even the sun comes out to welcome the good moods of all the brunchers in the land?
After two nights of wedding rehearsals, wedding ceremonies, and wedding receptions, we couldn’t wait to sip on some bloody mary’s and champagne.

A friend of ours hosts an event every Sunday called Yacht Rock, at a neat little bar in downtown Asheville call The Southern. Kipper dons a captains hat and blesses all those that attend with the smooth rock jams of the 90’s.

This particular Sunday however, though relatively warm when basking in the sweet sunshine, it was rather cold in the shade. Which just so happened to be where the Southern’s patio resides. So we moved inside to finish our bloody mary’s (they have an awesome bloody mary bar), then decided to seek sunnier patios elsewhere. 

I’ve been wanted to go to the Book Exchange & Champagne Bar for a while now. I mean, how does it get much better than hanging out at an eclectic little book shop while drinking your choice of champagne, wine, beer, or coffee??
Sister and I opted for the cheapest bottle of champagne…big mistake. It was more or less a mildly carbonated cheap white wine. 
Lizzie treated the table to some delicious Sunburst smoked trout dip.

We chit chatted a while, and then these adorable puppies came rolling up in their owner’s tote. 

We were enamored. So I naturally started snapping a bajillion photos.

That face!

It was a beautiful day at Grove Arcade.

When Sister and I had finally had all the crap champagne we could handle, we headed to our new favorite bar.

I couldn’t say if it’s the awesome beers (some of which may or may not be 9.4%)…

their beautiful modern yet rustic decor…

or just the amazing and cozy atmosphere that has won us over.

But let’s just say my credit card statement only skipped a few lines between all of the Wicked Weed entries while I was home.

A few hours later, and a sufficient amount of refreshing beverages, I enlisted the help of Liz to wrestle my clothes, Christmas stuff we weren’t able to get home previously, and a slew of new purchases I somehow deemed necessary into two little carry-on sized bags. I almost wish I had had a video camera because I’m quite certain we looked like the stooges fumbling and wrestling those bags all over my room. But nevertheless, we did it! And the only thing that didn’t make it was my new tri-pod. I’ll be looking for that guy in the mail 🙂
Arriving home the next day, I made it till 8:00 that night before my eyes started to droop. I slept 12 hours! I think that’s a sign of a good weekend!

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