Why I Don’t Have Paparazzi

Despite the very nice comments I receive sometimes, I am NOT photogenic. 
At least not when caught on candid camera. If there is an awkward stance to be in, unflattering angle that makes fat appear (my specialty is the double chin), or mid-sentence mouth position that makes me look like I am in a state of either constipation or experiencing terrible gas…I will assume it. 
Check out those panty lines!
I’m only posting this because a) I know you guys will find it hilarious b)I can laugh at myself πŸ™‚
Thus the reason I will never have paparazzi stalking me down for an awesome photo.
Instead of the perfectly coiffed, camera ready smile or thoughtful look, I can give you this…

These are the lovely photos Husband captured of me last weekend when we stopped by a river in Spearfish to brew an afternoon cup of coffee. He stalked through the woods, unbeknownst to me, with my camera snapping the whole time.

At least the coffee was good and the scenery was fantastic.

He will probably kill me for posting this, payback πŸ™‚ Although I think he looks pretty buff.

We woke up Saturday morning with the intent of going to Spearfish and camping for the night. However, we got off to a late start having not packed or prepared any food until that morning.
And Husband had to be back on Sunday in time to put in a few hours at the office for an important case he had this week.

So instead of camping we hiked a bit, picnicked as usual, and Husband fished. We drove on the bypass (rumored to be one of the most beautiful drives in America during the Fall season), and stopped at this little area to have snack and test out our new camping stove since we had lugged it all the way there.
Jim being as excited and full throttle as usual, had two fear-inducing incidents with the water that day. The first happened as he was swimming and jumping like a mad dog in a pond, and either stepped on something, landed on something, or was bit by something that caused him to yelp and come screaming out of the water, and refusing to go back in. The second happened at our coffee spot. Husband took a quick dip in the cool waters and Jim followed, only to start to get swept away by the current, and luckily at the last minute caught a grip on a rock and jumped to safety.
Needless to say he didn’t go near the water again that day, and instead hid in the woods.
We could not get him to come out for anything.

After leaving the woods we navigated to Crow Peak Brewing Co. for a few beers.

The beers there are phenomenal. So good in fact, after one we had to have a serious conversation about whether we should buy a growler and pitch a tent at the KOA campground next door. The brewery served food, and there was a Mexican joint across the street if that didn’t suit our fancy.

They even allowed the dogs to hang out.

At least the beer was in focus. Guess it’s what is important anyway.

We did buy a growler, but we ultimately decided to go home πŸ™

Growler shaped fireplace = awesome!
At that point it was only 6:45, and being the smart, responsible adults we didn’t want to have to be, we knew that staying would mean wasted money, the hassle of setting up the tent and dragging all of our stuff out, and the hour long drive in the morning…most likely with a hangover in tow.
I wasn’t ready for the party to be over, but I’ll admit it did feel good to sleep in our own bed rather than on the ground at the KOA.
But that wasn’t the end of our day…

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