What’s Your Beet?

Tis the season for beets!  My father in-laws garden has proven to be more than plentiful with buckets of okra and tomatoes pouring out of it daily.  And now the beets have gotten so large they are poking out of the ground.  So we have been trying to think up any way possible to use them up.

The bugs have had nice beet green salads 🙁

We started our morning with beet juice.  We juiced a few basil blooms, beets, and lemon.  Although we were a little heavy on the lemon because they were TART.
For anyone wondering the health benefits of beets:
(info found here and here)
– They are a unique source of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support (essential for helping cleaning out the liver – much needed after our vacay!)
– Studies have shown they are important contributors of two carotenoids in the overall diet: lutein and zeaxanthin – known to aid in eye health and common age-related eye problems
– Can help lower cholesterol and help heart health
– They are a good source of B vitamin folate – known to help prevent birth defects in pregnant women
– Can help prevent certain types of cancer such as colon cancer

We then drug out the dehydrator and set to work making beet chips.

Washing off the dirt

Trying not to slice off my finger

Please notice Jim sleeping on the bed

We made one tray of molasses flavored, two salted, one plain and one with a curry blend seasoning.  I wish I could say they turned out spectacular but when we ate then all we could taste was the concentrated earthy flavor.  They are still dehydrating, we’ll have to have another taste test once they are crispy.
For dinner we used a few more in a sweet potato and beet hash (recipe here) before we pickle the rest.  It’s only been a day but we are about beat on beets!

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