We’re Going Going Back Back to Cali Cali

Obviously it’s been a few weeks since we went to California, but in light of the new year and getting back to blogging I feel as though I need to backtrack to how we rounded out 2011, not to mention I captures some great photos I’m excited to share.
For any newcomers, we went to California, our first time ever…on Knob Creek’s dime. Husband randomly entered an online golf sweepstakes and won (<– for real! We didn’t think anyone actually won those things either.). So we took a few golf lessons, bought some golf shoes and headed out west. Our first stop was Pebble Beach. 
Oceanfront room with a big view of the 18th hole!
As usual we brought rain and cooler weather with us, but we remedied the effects of the elements by going to the spa as soon as we arrived. A massage, a soak in the jacuzzi and a relaxing bit of time by the fire we were rejuvenated and ready for our round of golf the next day (the first round of golf I have ever played!). The next morning we put on the only semi-golf related outfits we owned and made our way to hole 1.  Little did we know that hole 1 is located right in front of the Pro Shop AND a gaggle of onlookers waiting their turn. We stood for a good twenty minutes working up a ball of nerves in anticipation of having to start our game with such an audience. Breaking away just long enough to smack a few balls at the driving range, we came back, were given a cart and walked out onto the green.
Both Husband and my hands were shaking so bad, we were just hoping to hit the ball period. Looking across the green and see the row of hotel rooms to my right, visions of my slice-frequent swing sent pictures of busted glass and angry scowls through my mind. With a helping hand from the big man upstairs we both hit decently straight shots and were sent on our way.
Playing on such a high demand course was intense. Every few holes attendants were present to tell you to slow down or hurry up to keep everyone on a tight ten minute schedule. Most of the time we were playing catch up, literally running from hole to hole. By hole 10 I felt like I had ran a marathon. 
We had some great shots, we had quite a few bad shots. We lost A LOT of balls, oohed and ahhed at the picturesque scenery, and finished hole 18 with big smiles. 
Then celebrated with an excellent dinner at the Stillwater Grill.
And before driving to San Francisco we took a few obligatory photos…
Bible signed by Arnold Palmer 
and drove 17 mile drive to see the pebbles on the beach.
Stay tuned for the next episode – A San Fran Christmas!

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