We’re Back In The States!

Most of the people who I’m friends with on Facebook already know this, but recently Aubrey and I, along with our two dogs came back home to North Carolina. We’re getting a lot of questions about why, and what’s going on in Turkey so I thought it would probably be a good idea to offer up some clarification. 

I think most everyone is aware that things in Syria are not exactly great, and due to the strife there, and the fact that where we were living was very close to the Syrian border, suffice it to say it became necessary to take some extra precautions. The leaders at the base and throughout the government wanted to err on the side of caution, and put some restrictions in place to help keep us all as safe as possible, with the hope that they would be a short term kind of situation. Unfortunately things haven’t cleared up to a satisfactory level, and a decision was made to offer an “Authorized Voluntary Departure” to the dependents there who may wish to return to the states until things return to normal at the base. 

Most people have decided to stay. It may be boring, but being together as a family, especially in the military, is always better than being apart. For us however, Will travels so much that life was really not wonderful for Aubrey, the dogs and I. So we all agreed that taking advantage of the departure and going home where we can enjoy spending lots of time with friends and family was the best option. 

Some great things about the departure include a per diem to help cover the costs of lodging and a car. Meaning we will actually have our own rental home and space while we are here. Some not so great things include the fact that they only evaluate the departure every 30 days. So each month I have to wait to see if it has been extended again, or if we will have to return to Turkey or discuss other options for where to live. 

So basically it’s a temporary, long term situation. That friends is called an oxymoron 🙂 

Anyway, here are some answers to some other questions we are getting…

How long will you be here? 

The short answer is we don’t know. The hope is that we will be here at least through the Spring, and possibly all the way till next July when we would move to our next assignment, or move back to Asheville for good. 

Did Will get to come with you?

No. The AVD was only offered to dependents. Active duty members have to stay behind to carry out their tours. 

Will you get to see Will?

Believe it or not he has a trial in the states right before Christmas and will get to come home to Asheville to spend the holidays with us. My head wants to explode at the realization that we will get to be home for Asheville, and have our own place to retreat to and have Christmas morning together in. I seriously cannot wait! Other than that, depending on where his trials are in the coming months I may try to hop back over with Space A and visit when we can. 

Did you get to bring your household goods with you?

We were allotted a small shipment of things. The thought is that this is supposed to be temporary so it shouldn’t require having all of our things. Luckily we found a furnished house so we packed up our clothes and some odds and ends and hit the road. 

Will you go back to Turkey?

I am hopeful by Spring things will calm down enough to be able to go back and help Will get our house packed up for the upcoming move, and to get in some of the things we didn’t get to do in Turkey that we really hoped to.

I think that about covers it. We are stoked to be back home and are loving getting to see family and friends on a daily basis. We miss Will terribly, but we’re counting down the days till he comes to visit. Once again military life makes things interesting and we’re doing the best we can to make it a positive experience. If you are in Asheville please hit us up! We would love to see you!

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