Weekly Happenings


Not much going on this week……………..umm scratch that.  We have a LOT going on this week and in the weeks to come, but rather than give you a step by step of the planning process currently going on my head I’ll spare you with a few happenings from our week so far.

1. I broke our french press carafe making this casualty #2.  Kitchen sink 2, French Press 0

2. Husband and I finally went to see the final Harry Potter movie, in IMAX 3D of course.  There was a moment when I was covered in goosebumps with excitement.  I think I nearly cried when it was over 🙁

3. Prior to the movie Husband and I got a head start on our upcoming Mexican vacation by taking part in Cantina’s happy hour specials.  $1.95 appetizers are where its at!

Crappy picture compliments of the Droid

4. We have become believers in Pedigree’s Breath Busters.  I’m sure they are not the best thing for our dogs but they love them and anything that can knock out Jeannie’s rotten shrimp breath gets a thumbs up from me. So we made a special run to Target last night to restock.

5. I’m currently obsessed with this new magazine and am incredibly jealous of those who landed a printed copy.
6. I am working on getting some awesome guest posts scheduled for next week while we are sipping margarita’s (or citron vodka, soda, a splash of cranberry and a lime for myself since I don’t dig tequila).  I am hoping to post a picture a day but usually when I’m on vacation I tend to leave the world behind while I’m gone.
That’s about all I’ve got 🙂  Granted its only Tuesday.  I’ve got three days left at work. Cliz is arriving Friday night.  We must be up at 2:30 Saturday morning to make to our flight in time and by 10:06 we will be landed (hopefully) in balmy Mexico.  Now if I could just will this clock to work faster!

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