Week 32: We Might Just Have A Nursery In Time!

One of the bigger concerns we had with the timing of the move and Baby J’s estimated arrival, was that our household goods may or may not arrive in time for us to a) actually have Baby J’s stuff (like clothes and all those nice necessities we’ve accumulated) to take with us to Germany, and b) set up the nursery so we would have a home, or at least a crib, to bring the baby home to.

I had already started thinking creatively about what we could use for a makeshift baby bed until our stuff came, and seeking out places and people I could borrow things from in the meantime. I also told myself that newborns only need about four things: my boobs, my arms, diapers, and clothes (and those could be optional with enough blankets). And all of those things I had thanks to God and the immense amount of goodies we were showered with while I was home in NC.

Thankfully we didn’t come to such drastic measures. In an unbelievable stroke of good luck, our stuff came just about 10 days after we arrived in Turkey. And because Will and I choose to all but kill ourselves for a few days in order to get settled versus spreading out the state of clutter and misery for weeks on end, just two days after we received our goods, we were sitting in an almost completely settled home. That included a nursery with everything assembled except the dresser (which I read is a behemoth to put together so we are saving it for a rainy day), and everything washed and ready to go with the exception of hanging shelves and pictures.

I don’t know if it’s the excitement of spending time in there with Little One, or the fact that the glider and ottoman we got is the most comfortable seat in the house at the moment (perfect for putting up my poor aching feet), but I’ve been spending a lot of time just sitting in there. I cannot wait to see it in it’s finished glory!

First Dr. Appointment in Turkey
My OB care was outsourced to a doctor off base when we were in South Dakota, and I continued to see a civilian doctor while in NC since there wasn’t a base nearby, so this was really my first time getting to go to the base clinic for a prenatal checkup. The clinic at Incirlik is very small, with limited capabilities, so obviously there are pros and cons to having to go on base, but I actually enjoyed it very much. My doctor here is just absolutely wonderful, and totally supportive of our plan for a natural birth and a more holistic approach to health in general. I only wish I could have her at the actual birth.

One “pro” to going to the on base clinic, and to being at a small base where the doctors actually have time to spend with you, is that I not only got to talk through everything I was concerned about or questioning, but I also got a surprise sneak peak ultrasound at the baby. I was measuring just a few days ahead, baby was head down (wish it would just stay that way so we don’t have to worry about a breech presentation), and even though I’ve been eating like a hog I’m still only up about 7.5 lbs. I even got to see the baby practicing breathing. I left the appointment feeling good and positive and excited. Another perk is that I will have weekly appointments until I leave for Germany, which is an awesome bit of reassurance that baby is ok and everything is on track.

Running Out of Womb
Sorry for the sad excuse for a pun, but seriously, I wish I had a longer torso. We have reached the point where if I eat much of anything I cannot breath without either propping pillows behind my back to stretch my belly out, or getting on all fours so the baby and my belly kind of hang out of the way (how’s that for a visual?).

I am super happy to say that since getting our bed back my hip and back pain have all but vanished. Memory foam is a Godsend to a pregnant lady. I’m still staying propped up on all sides with a bunch of pillows, but all-in-all I’m much more comfortable.

Counting Down the Days
And to answer the question of whether I’m over being pregnant…I would have to say…yes. But not like in an exasperated, fed-up kind of way. More like, it’s getting pretty close to the big day, and I’m less fascinated with all the little intricacies of pregnancy and more fascinated with actually holding our baby and tackling this whole parenting thing. I’m kind of ready to have my body back to a point where getting out of bed or off the couch doesn’t require a crane, and getting overheated or you know, walking, doesn’t cause my hands and feet to swell and me to pant like I just climbed Machu Picchu.

And I would like a glass of wine. Or a whole beer. Will comes home some days, and it’s been another scorcher outside in the Turkish sun, and I hear him pop the top on a beer and I turn green with envy. Man how refreshing that would be! How much I would love to sit with him and unwind after another day of craziness, over some new, exotic (to us) beer we’ve picked up at the Turkish commissary. People have differing opinions about the importance or insignificance of being able to have a drink, but to me, it was a large part of my social atmosphere, and something I enjoyed. Not in a going out, partying like a freshmen college student kind of way, but in that I really enjoy a good glass of wine, or a beer with my hubby. I’m happy to say it’s been easier than I had expected going all these months without drinking, but in a way it is a part of who I am, and I’m looking forward to feeling like myself again.

Flatlining Fitness
I haven’t worked out since the week we left NC. I crossfitted three times that week and I felt unstoppable. I attempted to go to a crossfit class last week on base but got the times confused and instead did a short workout of a 1000m row, 50 kettlebell swings, and 50 lunges. I know I could have handled more, but I’ll admit it made me tired. I’m sure some of it was because my muscles hadn’t really been used much due to the flying and unpacking and general running around trying to get in processed, but I could also tell a big difference in how much harder things are starting to feel. Small things wear me out. Short outings leave me dreaming of the couch, a jug of water, and a place to prop my feet up. I find myself criticizing my shoe collection for a lack of comfortable shoes that I can stand to wear all day (I remind myself of my grandmother who is known to change her shoes three times in a day seeking comfort), that aren’t tennis shoes, because I’m still refusing to drop to that level.

I’m hoping this week to get back in the gym and get a better picture of where I stand. Up to this point continuing to workout, and to workout with good intensity, has been invaluable in my comfort and staying healthy throughout this pregnancy. Movement really is the best lotion for aching joints and stiff pregnant bodies. But I’m also accepting that I am about 8 months pregnant at this point, and there is a time when you need to slow down a little. Especially since I still have a few weeks before I leave for Germany, and it will be a few weeks after that before Will can join me. I don’t want to push myself physically and go into early labor causing a panic and unwanted scenarios involving me on a rush flight to Germany without Will. I haven’t given myself much slack, or used being pregnant as an excuse (except for needing a cone of ice cream here and there), but with just over 7 weeks left to go, I plan to relax a little and enjoy it while I can.

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