Week 19: Baby on the Backburner


I almost didn’t use that title because it seems so insensitive to our little one. And I would never want to imply that this baby is ever anything but top of mind and priority for us, but this week baby had to share the spotlight a little. It was THE week, but it was the week before THE week and things started to pick up. THE week being the week the movers come and our lives are truly thrown into a tailspin for a few months.

This past week involved meeting with the movers for a pre-move out survey, in which they told us we were probably going to be cutting it pretty close in regards to the weight limit. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it on here before or not, but we are only being allowed to take 3,600 pounds of stuff to Turkey. Most other locations allow you to take 14,000 lbs. We moved here with 5,800 lbs, so you can see how this is a challenge. That weight limit has to include all of our household goods. At this point I’m not even sure how we will completely furnish a 2 or 3 bedroom home with the limited amount of things we are taking. However, I am excited about not having so much stuff. Ever since living in the barn and learning to get by with just a few things, I love simplicity. Right now we have quite a few pieces of furniture going into storage for the next two years, which is also exciting because it opens up the opportunity to pick up a few pieces crafted by the Turks while we are there. I’ve already got room design boards started 🙂

This week baby also had to compete with my birthday and mother’s day. I turned 29 on Saturday. I’ve decided 29 is really just an odd number. For a few days before I kept thinking I was turning 30 and having to remind myself not to age myself so much quite yet. I don’t really feel 29. There are so many days I wonder when I ever passed 25, but I’m ok with it. These days I’m not scared of getting older as long as the life I’m living feels full. If every year is full of great experiences, and I’ve grown as a person and in my relationships with my friends and family and God, then it was a year worth having and not wishing to take back. I’m looking forward to my 30th year. We have so many new experiences coming our way, so many once in a lifetime moments, and so much life to live and I can’t wait. So 29 it is. We went “caving” with a few friends. I’ll have a post on that coming soon. It was our last thing to check off our SD bucket list and we were so glad we did it!

Mother’s Day wasn’t really a big event. We both sent cards to our mothers and called to tell them how much we loved them, but it kind of sucked being stuck here in the rain and cold instead of there loving on them in the 80 degree sunshine. But we will make up for it here in a few short days. It was a new experience receiving cards and texts wishing me a happy mother’s day. Although I know I am a mother already, it’s kind of hard to register that I am really a mother when my baby isn’t yet in my arms. I do already have a new respect and adoration for the mothers in the world. Both for what they’ve gone through just to grow a little person in their womb, and in the sacrifice they make to provide and care for their littles ones once they arrive. I never took it for granted what a great, huge, and wonderful job it is to be a mom, but as I become aware of all the little details that are involved, let’s just say I think mothers deserve every bit of love and support and recognition they can get.

Outside of those events we’ve still just been plugging along with pre-move preparations. We had to get more photos taken so we can get our international drivers licenses, and finish up things like getting our life insurance policies going since we can do that while we’re in Turkey, and taking the things we’ve cleaned out of the house to their respective new homes of the thrift store and Goodwill. I’m looking forward to May 21 when all this is over and what I think will feel like a two month vacation will begin.

Baby Moves
I’ve been feeling the baby move a little more this week. I feel like I’m still second guessing every little sensation, but there are at least a few times here and there that I know without a doubt it’s not some make believe gas bubble popping around in there. Will is anxiously awaiting for when he will be able to feel it from the outside, although I’m afraid it could be a few more weeks. I keep hoping he can feel it before he leaves for training. In general though things are going well. We have our second ultrasound this coming week and I cannot wait to see our little bit wiggling around in there and actually looking like a real baby. I don’t need time to move any faster at this point with all of the to do’s on our list, but if that appointment could just get here all ready I would be one happy mama! Just praying everything is normal and positive.

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