Week 18: The Attack of Pregzilla


Well the blog is finally caught up with where I really am in this pregnancy. So you can expect a little slower posting schedule. In general this week was pretty easy. On the move front, the movers have been confirmed, we’ve done a good job of getting our house in order and things sorted for the different shipments, and now we are just sort of in a holding pattern until moving day.

On the pregnancy front, we had a new happening.

The Attack of Pregzilla
After reading countless stories of pregnant women with raging hormones who would cry at the drop of a hat, or vent their frustrations on their poor husbands, I was really thankful to make it through the first trimester without having experienced that sort of hormonal and emotional chaos. But just when I thought I was safe I found myself in a hormonal frenzy.

This past weekend I was irritable, hungry but couldn’t decide for the life of me what I wanted to eat (which may or may not have led to a little tiff with Will), and I was fighting an internal battle with myself about what I even felt like doing. I didn’t want to be sitting at home, but I didn’t feel like being out either. That was coupled with knowing it was one of the last three weekends we have here and I needed to be making the most of it, but I just didn’t feel up to it. So I also felt guilty. I just didn’t want to be anything at that moment. And I certainly wasn’t fit to be around anyone. I felt completely out of control, and the tears just couldn’t help but fall.

After some googling Will found the term…

Pregzilla: The angry, violent state some pregnant women may resort to after their first trimester

I’m happy to say it passed by that night, and by the next day I felt pretty much back to normal. I’m hoping that was a one time occurrence :-/ Pregnancy hormones are no joke!

A Fitness Update
I’m still holding strong in crossfit. I feel like I’ve done pretty good maintaining my fitness and strength thus far. I’ll never claim to have been a great crossfitter, and I was never one to make the leaderboards. Most of the time I was just happy to finish along with the middle of the pack. I’m athletic, but honestly, athleticism doesn’t exactly translate to crossfit. You can be great at throwing, hitting, or catching a ball, but terrible at olympic lifting and high intensity cardio movements. But this is another reason I really love crossfit, you aren’t required to have a certain skill set in order to participate. All anyone asks is that you try your best, push yourself as hard as you can, and be supportive of yourself and everyone else.

Recently, I’m finishing more like, well, last. But I’m ok with it. I’m doing my best to be smart and listen to my body. I know there are times I could push harder under normal circumstances, but I am constantly aware that maxing out and getting the best time is not my primary goal at this point. My goal is to maintain a good level of fitness so I can handle this pregnancy better, have a better birth, and a better recovery afterwards so I can be the best mom I can be for our little one. For every woman that means something different. For me it means taking a little more time, taking breaks and drinking water as often as necessary, and though it’s hard to accept – starting to really scale down the workouts.

Up until now I have done the WODs in their entirety and many times at at least the second level RX. And it’s been fine. I haven’t felt pain, or experienced any kind of issues that would indicate a problem with my pregnancy. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is just how much slower I’m moving in general, and I’m realizing it may be time to start scaling the movements in order to stay within the normal time ranges. Taking ten minutes longer than everyone else on a WOD so you can do it at the RX level is not always the best practice. Many times, if not all of the time, WODs are designed with time caps for a reason. They are part of the challenge of the workout. Extending that time takes away part of the intensity that was meant to be part of the conditioning of the workout. I am in my 5th month of pregnancy and getting close to the halfway point of both the second trimester as well as my pregnancy in general. I don’t plan to completely slack in any way, but I am going to be conscious of my changing level of ability and be smart for our baby.

And a bump pic to round out the week 🙂

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