Week 11: Back to the Grind

Flying from one regional airport into another is always fun. And by fun I mean it takes an entire day to make a trip that should really take no more than 5-6 hours. I left Sarasota at 10:45 and didn’t get home till 10:37 (8:37 our time). Will met me outside in the freezing cold and brought along two furry little faces I had been missing all week. We pretty much went home, unloaded the car and went straight to bed.

It is finally warming up a little in SD, although it snowed a couple of inches the day I was flying home. Thankfully almost all of it was melted away by the time I landed.

We have a couple of pretty blah weeks to look forward to. I’m trying to stay focused on what’s ahead because the monotony of this never-ending Winter is wearing on me. Will is going to Montgomery in a few weeks for a training course, our next doctor’s appointment is next week (and I really hope to get to hear the heartbeat this time!), and in no time at all it will be April.

Oh The Horror!
This week at our Bradley class we were subjected to some videos that graphically displayed the “pros” of a medicated birth, as well as an up close and personal view of an episiotomy. It was nothing less than horrific. Seriously, worse than a scary movie. I covered my eyes! And after it was done I begged Will not to let the doctors cut my vagina. It’s safe to say I am way more scared of the drugs and “helpful” procedures at this point, than the actual birth pains.

Baby’s First Wreck
The rest of week 11 wasn’t much to write home about. The weather was pretty schizophrenic, being beautiful and in the 60’s a couple of days, then snowing, then back to warm and pretty again. After leaving a St. Patty’s Day party on Saturday we had the pleasure of sliding on black ice and skidding into a ditch on the way home. Luckily we weren’t hurt and amazingly the car made it out with no damage…AND we ended up being first responders to a much worse situation where a large SUV hit the same ice and ended up flipped over in the ditch. Pretty scary stuff! But I really feel as though we were meant to slide off so we could help the family that had flipped. I will be BEYOND happy when this winter is over!

Week 11 ended on a warm Monday. I’ve been feeling pretty good outside of being tired. Providing our doctor’s appointment goes well on Wednesday we are planning to announce next week. I cannot wait to let the cat out of the bag!

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