We Have Big News!


After years and months and days and hours and minutes of praying, worrying, wishing, hoping, and begging, the stars aligned and God made a miracle happen for our little family. 

This July we will get to be together as a family…full time. But that’s not all folks! We are moving back to Asheville for good. We’ve bought a home, we’ve bought another car, and for the first time ever we are getting to chance to put down some real roots, together (did I mention we will get to be together?).

Will even got to attend the closing! 


We look forward to doing things like remodeling our little fixer upper (be prepared for lots of home projects posts and photos!), unlimited time with family, having a garden, taking evening walks together as a family, playing tourist in our hometown, and figuring out what life looks like for us when it’s not in a constant state of change and nomadic in nature. 

If you have any legal needs and want to put the best lawyer I know on the job (I’m not biased or anything), please look Will up at MCGuire, Wood & Bissette. Will has worked so hard, and sacrificed so much to build the career he has. I couldn’t be more proud of what he has accomplished, and can’t wait to see him rock it with this firm! 

We are so excited and look forward to getting reacquainted with our friends, family, and hometown again! 

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