Watching Your Own Funeral

June 17, 2011

Interesting thing about giving an early notice as opposed to the usual two weeks, you get to see a glimpse of how life goes on without you. It’s kind of like watching your own funeral. People go through phases of sadness, denial, anger then resolution and eventually accept it and move on. Your co-workers adapt, adjust and one will take your place and the rat race continues as if you were never there. You may even get lucky (or unlucky in some cases) and learn what people really think of you and your performance.

I may have written this with a negative connotation, which is ironic considering it’s something I’ve been wanting for a very long time and is possibly the most exciting thing to happen to us in our lives so far. That’s the funny thing about moving on, there is always that moment where you can’t help but ask yourself if you made the right decision. They announced a slew of position moves and department moves today and life as my department knew it will be over effective Monday. I love change and typically no matter what it is I get excited for the mere fact that I’m nosy and curious to see how it will all pan out. For this reason I was a little sad that I won’t be here for that grand finale. I can’t say at this point whether it will be beneficial or not to the business, but I can say it will be different. The very unfortunate thing for me is that instead of spending my last six weeks wrapping up my odds and ends, taking some long lunches and making sure to get all of my flex time and personal days in, I will now have to spend it catering to a whole new hierarchy of bosses, with new and more complicated expectations, and possibly even longer hours than I’m dealing with now.

Fortunately however, that little moment of second guessing vanished from my thoughts with the realization that this new transition and process is not going to be easy, nor does it coincide with the way I like to do things and my approach to handling our department. At this point my attitude is one of relaxed assistance in a time of transition, and a slight apathy towards all things Belk 🙂

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