Most Used Baby Products Six Months to One Year

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Each new phase your little one goes through presents it’s own sets of challenges and rewards. I personally felt like with each month that passed life got a little easier bit by bit. We stopped swaddling around 3 months, ditched the paci then as well. Solids coming into the picture majorly changed things. In a good way. I could not wait to get Aubrey on solid food to help relieve some of the pressure of breastfeeding, and it totally did. The introduction of solids and a more mobile baby meant our needs changed quite a bit, and the products we used everyday evolved. These are the products we “couldn’t live without” from ages six months to a year.

Baby Must Haves 6-12m

  1. Silicone Bib – Unbeatable for messy feeding times. These catch food, are easy to clean, and are super durable.
  2. Foldable Waterproof Bib (for traveling) – These were great to throw in the diaper bag for when you are on the go. They don’t catch food so well, but they do help keep clothes clean.
  3. Gerber Graduates Rest Easy Spoons – We loved the square ends on these spoons. It made scooping missed food off Aubrey’s chin a cinch.
  4. Nuks Mash & Serve Bowl – We didn’t actually have this, but I’ve already bought it for the next round. It would have made life SO much easier while we traveled, and at home really.
  5. Ice Cube Trays – The best way I found to make and store baby food was to freeze it into a regular ice cube tray, then pop them out and store in freezer bags. They were super convenient to grab a little bit at a time as needed and didn’t take up the space in the freezer that other options like plastic containers do.
  6. Weighted Straw Sippy Cup – We probably went through a million sippy cups and a lot of frustration (and spilled milk everywhere) until we received this cup as a gift. The straw is weighted so now matter how little one is holding the cup they will still get the liquid. This was a great starter cup.
  7. No Spill Flexi Straw Cup – After Aubrey mastered drinking from a straw that became her drinking method of choice. These cups grew with her and are great because the straw on the inside is removable which is key when they learn to start tipping their cups up to drink. It’s also a good transitional cup when starting to wean from a bottle.
  8. Snack Catcher – These really came into play close to the one year mark, but when baby declares his/her independence and becomes a snack fiend, these things are a lifesaver. We tried a couple of brands but settled on this one. The tops are a little softer making it easier for Aubrey to get her hand in and out without it getting stuck – which is pretty painful in some of the other brands cups. 
  9. NoseFrida – I know this concept seems gross, but trust me on this. This contraption is WAY easier and effective than those suction bulbs, and because you can wash all the pieces easily, it’s also way cleaner. And don’t worry, there is a filter that will ensure no snot makes it’s way to your mouth.
  10. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker – We had a couple of different push toys and this was by far Aubrey’s favorite. I can’t even count hours of entertainment this provided. It was the one toy she didn’t get bored of month after month.
  11. Activity Table – When Aubrey started pulling up this was a great way to let her practice and give her something to do while she was standing. She loved this table!
  12. Window Cling Sun Shades – Car rides can be brutal when the sun is blinding little one. These provided just enough shade.
  13. Early Walker SleepSack – Aubrey will not stay covered at night, and those fleecy footie pajamas can only keep her so warm. We LOVE this sleepsack. She stays toasty and we have peace of mind knowing she is warm enough at night.
  14. Baby Sunglasses with Strap – Babies eyes are super sensitive and when they become mobile it can be really hard to make sure their eyes are protected from the sun. These glasses worked great from vacation to everyday walks in the stroller.
  15. Rear Facing Seat Mirror – Trust me, get one of these for your own safety. Trying to crane your neck to make sure baby is ok while driving down the road is really not the best safe driving tactic. We have a cheap one so what I see is kind of blurry, I would go for a better quality one so you’re not trying to determine if little ones eyes are actually closed, or if it’s just an illusion 😉

And that wraps up year one. There are of course a few odds and ends type things, and of course things like clothes and diapers to add to the list, but in general these are the gadgets and gear that got us through! 

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