(Un)Sweet Abandonement


I know it feels like I’ve abandoned you guys. I sometimes feel like I’ve abandoned myself these days. We’ve galavanted across the country and taking in all of California we could jam pack into seven days, repainted our kitchen, installed a new stove, signed with a new realtor, finished our Christmas shopping, made our reservations for temp housing for when we arrive at Ellsworth, switched banks, switched credit cards, and as if that wasn’t leaving our heads spinning enough, we have little more than two and a half weeks before husband leaves…meaning a matter of days to figure out the repacking and organization of our stuff, driving vs. flying to South Dakota for me and the pups, oh and somewhere in there we have to enjoy Christmas and New Year’s.

I will be back. Back with lots of beautiful pictures of our trip to Cali. Back with a *hopeful onslaught of insights to spending three months alone. Back with daily thoughts as South Dakota draws nearer. Back TO life…with any luck that is!

Please stick around friends!

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