Turn of Events


I’m the type of person who tends to over think everything and then when I finally make a decision I make it hard and fast and never look back. From the outside it can look like I’m very impulsive. Unfortunately only I am privvy to the inner workings and obsessive compulsive antics that go on in my mind. However, I’ve yet to regret a decision I’ve made so whatever my method, it is working for me.

For my latest, I’ve decided to move back in with my parents while Husband is at training. I have a list of reasons, none that are really all that important other than I’ve seen a lot less of my parents since we’ve been here than I had planned to. They are also in the middle of a big remodeling project on their house, part of which involves finally taking down and painting over the 532,598 glow in the dark stars I put up in my room that I can only feel a little obligated to help with. I also don’t deal well sleeping alone, even if it is only mere yards from my in-laws, so for my sanity I’m looking forward to being around people on a daily, and nightly basis. And lastly, I want to soak up my last few chances to sit at the dinner table at night and rehash the days with my parents, go to bed with the sense of security you really only feel at home, spend laid back Saturday mornings drinking coffee and talking with my Mom, maybe catch a few rounds of golf with my Dad, hit the gym as a family, and feel a little like a kid again 🙂

I never thought I would move back home, but I have to admit I’m as giddy as a school girl about it.

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