Truck Huntin’


We’ve got a little bit of time before the snowy hills of South Dakota will claim us a residents. I can say with certainty that were this any other time in my life and any other situation I would most likely already have a rental house lined up, a closet stocked with cold weather gear, a brain full of snowy weather preparedness knowledge, a new coat for Jeannie and a notebook filled with all of our need-to-know info like local restaurants, pharmacies, doctors and shopping centers.

But for now I’m in no hurry.

The more research we do about the little town of Rapid City the more excited we are getting. I’ve come to the conclusion that not many people would appreciate what it has to offer the way Husband and I will and just like what I had prayed for all this time, it truly will be an adventure.

But for the first time in my life I’m just really happy where I am today.

I’m ok with it changing eventually. I’ve always loved and welcomed change. But it’s not changing today so I’m not worrying over it today (especially since I’m sitting in the glorious sunshine with a light fall breeze blowing through my hair ever so gently – a.k.a. heaven).

Our preparation for the move is happening at a glacial pace. We are slowly identifying things we will need, accumulating information about the various parts of town that we might like to live in. And the most fun for Husband so far, researching what kind of cars we will need.  Our small (fuel efficient) crossovers can hardly handle the four-wheel drive required elements we will be subjected to.  To Husband this means one thing…he is FINALLY going to get the truck he’s always wanted.

Luckily unlike our still unsold home, within a week of listing his car on Craigslist Husband found a buyer and handed his Vibe over all in one day. So with money in hand his search can officially begin.  Here’s to truck shopping y’all!

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