To the Printers!

I haven’t really gone into detail about my new job. In Cliff notes, it’s with a publishing house in Rapid City that puts out seven publications ranging from wedding planning to parenting to tourist information for the Black Hills. I have been very fortunate to be able to contribute in so many different ways to the last two books, I’ll admit a tear formed when I got to look over the first one we received back from the printer. There is a lot to be said for finally finding a job that fits you and your talents and passions. There isn’t a day I don’t go into the office and leave with a good sense of accomplishment and an appreciation for the people I work with.
But enough with the mushy stuff. In addition to my co-workers and bosses just being amazing, last Friday we all got to spend the afternoon hitting the slopes to celebrate two of our books going to the printers. 

The initial plan had been to go tubing, but a few minutes after arriving the machine broke down and skiing was offered as a replacement.
That was good with us!
It had been snowing on our way up, and fell down in massive flakes while we suited up. I remembered how necessary a ski mask was in times like that.
I could barely speak my face was so frozen.
We were blown away by the experience of skiing on fresh snow. I’ve never watched as my skies cut through the untouched powder, the snow flowing over them like the wake behind a boat on water. It was absolutely incredible!
After a few runs we all decided we were just about done with the cold. Me and a few of the girls were riding together, and on our way back to town we stopped for a quick drink at Lewie’s. Hubs and I comment about wanting to stop here every time we drive by it. 
By this point the snow had covered the road making it impossible to see where the curb started. So we may or may not have ridden it as we searched for a parking spot.

A PBR to warm up.

It was near 7:00pm by the time we got back to the office. When we left that afternoon it was clear and sunshiny outside. We came back to this…

Black Pearl (my car) was not making it out of there in those conditions so Husband came and picked me and Laura up and we meandered through the winter wonderful to our friend Mike’s for Irish Night. Of which I don’t have a single picture, but I’ll leave you with this pretty shot of the Shops at Main Street.

It was a super fun day. I’m sick to death of the cold and snow (I’m from the South, it’s supposed to be hovering in the 70’s at this point in my mind), but it was pretty cool to experience some real snow skiing, and to get to know the people I work with a little better. One more reason to be thankful for the assignment to South Dakota.

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