Thoughts Over Coffee


There’s nothing like random thoughts on a Monday. I made the 6+ hour drive home last night from Montgomery. I wasn’t exactly tired. I was, however, frustrated. In over six hours of driving and searching for ice cream I was unsuccessful. All I wanted was some hand dipped chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone, and if there happened to be some cookie dough or brownie bits in there, I wouldn’t complain. The only place I found (even with googling locations along the way) was a small local creamery on the side of the road. After stopping, placing my order, and beginning to get excited, I noticed the small sign stating there was a $10.00 minimum on credit cards…and I had no cash…and the lady wasn’t willing to budge. So instead of trudging out with $10.00 of $3.00 ice cream I decided to move on. Needless to say my first stop in town was the grocery store where I picked up come Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked (that’s chocolate, vanilla, cookie dough AND brownie for anyone wondering).
So that was Sunday let’s move on to Monday.

Jeannie says breakfast tastes gooood.
Spring is really beautiful here…

I hope it is in South Dakota too.
I changed my last day of work, so I will officially be a stay at home wife come next Friday (not this Friday). I have a plethora of thoughts about this which I will save for another post.
I’m one week in to a strength training program that I think I can actually stick with. I’m praying being back home, preparing to move, and driving halfway across the country won’t slow the progress I’m making too much. And yes there is progress, which makes me very happy.
 Husband and I are both a little baffled that after waiting for around eight months the big move, the big change, and our new life is actually going to be starting in just a couple of weeks. I think I can safely say we are both pretty darn excited. Plus Rapid City just opened a new tap house and we have a few trips and such planned which include things like rodeos, concerts, and my birthday. 
Easter is just around the corner and I can’t wait. It may just be my favorite holiday, and I’m so glad I get to celebrate it with my family one more time.
The weather has been impeccable lately, please pray with me a surprise blizzard doesn’t decide to show up while we are driving to South Dakota. 
The fridge is stocked with healthy eats for the week. I’ve got the list of hotels to be booked for our drive. There are a number of friends I need to see in the next 14 days, dinners to be had, engagement celebrations to be celebrated. There are a few places I need to visit one more time before we leave. And I need to properly celebrate the birth of both of my awesome parents, and my sweet great grandmother. 
I’d say I’ve got a full few weeks ahead of me 🙂 Happy Monday folks!

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