This Winter Is Killing Me Softly

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Whelp there’s a few inches of snow covering the ground…again. Today I marveled at how adept I’ve become at driving on snow covered roads. EVEN in my car that tends to skid on just a little rain. I’ve given up hope of it passing at this point. Instead each day I tend to look outside, acknowledge that is frigid cold once again, and turn away and get on about my business, emotionless towards this record breaking Winter.

The thing I hate the most about this harsh Winter, is that it’s slowly killing our plans of “to do’s” we wanted to check off before we move. It hit me yesterday that due to some lovely difficulties with lodging, I will actually be leaving South Dakota for good sometime around mid-May most likely. That’s just three and a half months away. If I’m lucky, I’ll see just a few short weeks of nice weather before heading to North Carolina. And the Black Hills really are beautiful when the weather turns warm.

We had hopes of going camping just a few more times. Of putting our annual Custer State Park pass to some use instead of acknowledging we wasted $30 on it. Of trying to get back to Fort Collins one more time, and possibly even Billings, or Buffalo, or finally making it to Bozeman. We wanted to spend a couple of weeks and go to Glacier National Park.

I’m not feeling positive that any of those are going to happen. I hate sitting here day after day, wishing for time to pass. Thinking about the future and Turkey, and warm weather and beaches, knowing that we had some really great times here and I’m just wasting the last little bit of time we have to enjoy it. But Winter! Winter you are ruining everything!

I think this feeling of moving on must be one of the hardest things to deal with for people/military that move so often. You spend the months prior to your move scheduling movers, finding temporary lodging, making sure you’ve got your health clearances, dental clearances, pet health clearances, obtaining the proper driver’s license, making sure your have the correct and up to date passports, deciding what is going into storage and what is making the journey with you to your next destination.  There is SO much to figure out and take care of prior to moving, that it’s hard to remain mentally where you are physically. In my mind I might as well already be in Turkey. And really three months isn’t that long, but it IS long when you are stuck in the house thanks to the snow and freezing cold.

Living in the present. One of life’s greatest challenges, no?

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