This Everyday Life

Life here in Montgomery hasn’t exactly been happening at a riveting pace. Husband’s last few weeks of training in JASOC are filled with moot court trials and exams, which means lots of him sitting at a desk typing/writing/highlighting, or in the bedroom reciting his closing behind a closed door, or going over every detail with his classmates. 
It’s ok. I knew this was most likely going to be the case before I came. I can honestly say I’m just happy to be with him, even if it’s only for a few minutes on the couch at night, and catching some zzz’s together. 
My days have involved a lot of this…
This little machine has kept me going. I’m practically on a first name basis with the cleaning lady who so graciously gives me extra coffee every day.
And this…

The Set-up
But I will say one good thing for this ho-hum routine…it is a routine, AND it has allowed me to refocus on healthy eats and working out again. After what seems like weeks on the road, quite a few Subway veggie subs, and way too many indulgences it is a very welcome change for my body.
Lately, well for like the past year almost, I have really been questioning what “my normal eating” is exactly. Back when I changed my diet in a desperate attempt to rid myself of debilitating migraines and stomach troubles I was steadfast about not eating meat except for fish, ridding my diet of refined sugars and processed food, and focusing heavily on whole, unprocessed, from the earth foods. I would still love to believe this is still true, but I’ve realized just how much I’ve been “indulging” on sweets, making exceptions eating meat because it was what’s available, and opting for snacks like cheese and crackers over fresh fruits and veggies. 
And sadly for the past two months, when that time rolls around, I’ve greeted an old friend. The four day migraine. Granted it’s not so bad that it requires medication and days in bed with the lights off and a heating pad encasing my head, but it’s still there, and it makes me angry to know that I’ve slipped off the wagon.
I gave up refined sugar for lent, both in an effort to get back to a healthier diet, but also because at that juncture it truly was something that was very hard for me to give up. I didn’t realize just how much sugar I was eating until I had to stop. 
Being sort of isolated in Montgomery this past week or so I’ve cleaned my eats up considerably. Breakfast involves an egg, whole wheat toast and sometimes veggies or fruit (or occasionally oatmeal). Lunch is chocked full of organic greens and every fresh veggie the commissary has to offer plus some type of protein like smoked herring, chickpeas, or veggie burgers. And for dinner I’ve been experimenting with a few Pinterest recipes like spinach and goat cheese quinoa cakes, and african peanut stew. 
Oh, and I’ve been working out again…AND strength training!
So far I’m down to within a few pounds of a goal I’ve been reaching for for a while now, I’m feeling leaner, my stomach has quit screaming at me, and my muscles ache…in a good way 🙂 All of which makes me very excited for our life in SD and the ability I will have to really focus on my health and fitness goals.
Different from my initial diet and lifestyle overhaul, where the pain of the migraines and stomach issues were fresh and the driving factor of my healthy living decisions, this go around my drive is having to come from somewhere else. I will admit that every day involves a constant inner struggle to eat with a purpose and to listen to my body. It’s never easy to forego a second helping, to choose fresh fruit over the leftover spaghetti in the fridge for a snack, or to skip dessert, or hit the gym after a long day of work. At this point I’m rebuilding habits which can only be done one day (one decision really) at a time. 
How is your journey to health coming along?

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