These Days, It Seems, You Have To Be Wealthier To Eat Like A Poor Mediterranean Peasant


This week has been all about big news for our little family.  We found out that Husband will start training January 12, 2012 and will graduate COT & JASOC as of April 13, 2012 at which point we will move to our base (wherever that may be).  I also found out Monday that I did in fact get a job with my company’s e-comm department that will allow me to write AND to work from the comforts of our little barn sanctuary.

I’m a little sad to let go of the fleeting visions of playing in creeks while Husband fishes for the next six months, but I am so happy to be able to maintain an income and have some security (and hopefully some play $$) while we are there.  Not to mention it’s very exciting to be writing and learning to do something different.  It absolutely blows my mind how things are falling into place for us.  This kind of luck just does not befall me very often.  It confirms in my mind and in my heart that we are moving in the right direction, doing what we are meant to be doing, and it truly feels like God’s hand has been at our backs nudging us the entire way.  Incredible!

So enough about us, Husband tipped me off to an interesting article today about people in Mediterranean areas known for their slender figures thanks to the Mediterranean diet are beginning to shirk their traditional diets as they accrue more money in their wallets.  Vegetables and fruits used to be the poor man’s food because it was what they could grow and true to the peasants’ word that they would buy more meat and sugar if they could afford it, they did, and now the population is slowly starting to imitate the American diet and obesity trend.


I know this isn’t a new trend worldwide.  It’s interesting that people in those countries are falling prey to our American diet issues especially when they have prided themselves on their own diet and wonderful foods for so long.  But beyond what is happening in the world, this hits home to me because its a subject I’ve spent many an hour thinking about in regards to how I hope to raise our children.  It’s one thing for Husband and I to be steadfast in our approach to eating wholesome from the earth foods, but it’s another all together to be able to raise our children eating good foods, but teaching them to love those foods that are good for them with a strong enough foundation that they will follow it when we aren’t there to coach them every step of their lives.  I hope to help them learn an appreciation for food and cooking and the pleasures that it can bring.  I want them to understand that although there are millions of convenience foods being thrown at them daily, there is nothing quite so refreshing and delicious as the crisp bite of a sour apple or the crunch of a fresh snap pea or the warm feeling in your heart from sinking your teeth into a perfectly roasted butternut squash.  Real food is just too good to miss out on and deserves the little additional time it requires from us.

I wish I could throw a bubble around them and keep the noise of the ads and commercials and lazy pressure of society at bay!

Any tips from you mothers out there???

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