The Time’s A Comin’


Jim Chew was looking extra depressed the other night so I began telling him a bedside story about how in just a matter of…then I realized it was less than a month till we will be in the barn…WEEKS he will be running with the cows, chasing squirrels with Beagle Bailey to his heart’s content and hopefully shedding a little of the “fluff” he has put on from living the sad life of a city dog with busy parents.

P.S. For those of you wanting to know, that is THE barn

And this is Beagle Bailey

Can you spot Jim?  
It’s starting to feel real.  Sister and I went to Ikea yesterday to get a few things for her new apartment and I ended up buying a new duvet cover and patio table.  The anticipation is really starting to get to me.  Husband has 9 days left until the BAR which means only one more weekend of being by myself.  I couldn’t help picturing that table on our future deck, with a candle centerpiece and us enjoying a gorgeous Fall evening dinner in the mountains.

Not taken in the Fall but you get the picture

I’m sure it’s blatantly obvious that I’m putting a lot of stock in this move.  I have a lot of hope and expectations of the happiness it will bring our little family.  And I’ll be the first to admit that I need a dose of reality in regards to it all because not only will it still be life and there will still be work, and time will still be hard to come by, and nothing is ever without its hardships, but also happiness in itself is not meant to come from a location or a thing or any circumstances in general.  I think what is so exciting to me about this transition is simply the opportunity to try to find happiness in the things that DO matter again.  I have to believe that with school and the BAR being over Husband and I can finally get back to focusing on growing and strengthening our marriage.  I have to believe that because it is the one thing I have held onto all of these years in order to get through the countless nights alone and the trying stressful pressures of our situation.  So for today whether we needed it or not, our new patio table represented happiness to me, so I bought it.

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