The Stuttgart Oktoberfest

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A few weeks ago we found ourselves at a real life, genuine, Oktoberfest, in Germany. IMG_6320

Some friends of ours stationed at Ramstein were planning to go and since we were going to be there while Will was TDY there for some cases, we gladly accepted their invitation to join.

Last year we had planned to go to the Munich Oktoberfest this year, but with all the travel both for work and fun that has taken place, it kind of fell down on the priority list. In retrospect, as big and crazy as this one was, I think it was a better option for us anyway. I can’t imagine what Munich must be like!

We also had no idea it included a carnival.

With so much change in her life lately Aubrey really attached to this babydoll during this trip. It’s the one constant (besides me of course) in her life. We call her “Baby,” and she had to go with us.


We were also unprepared, and ended up being some of the very few that weren’t donning lederhosen. If we ever get stationed in Germany we will be investing in the proper attire.


Our tent for the festivities.


While you can walk around the fest and do as you please, if you want to actually participate in one of the beer halls/tents you have to buy tickets well in advance. Our tickets got us a table in the hall from 11:00-16:00, along with a few beers and a chicken dinner.



Having a baby with us was no small feat. It was about 900,000 degrees in there, super loud, and our recently walking little one was no so into being held or staying by our table. More than once people gawked at us and told us they had never seen a baby at Oktoberfest before. So we became THOSE parents.

But please don’t send child services after us. We promise we did not let Aubrey have any beer 🙂

I know I tend to relate everything to being in the military, but this is another case where sometimes it puts you in odd situations. I can’t say if we had any other choice (meaning family or friends to babysit) that we would have brought our baby with us, but when it comes to deciding whether to gain a fun experience versus missing out because it’s a little unorthodox, we’re always going to go for the experience.

Baby’s ride for the day.

IMG_6370 IMG_6371IMG_6372

IMG_6446 IMG_6431

Will will probably hate this picture, but I love it. It’s not often that he gets to “let his hair down” so to speak, and even less often, make that never since she got past the sleepy newborn stage, that he gets to experience her snoozing in his arms. He was so happy to get that chance again.


Hours later, full of beer and chicken we finally headed back to the hotel. Aubrey passed out immediately when we laid her down and the rest of us reconvened on the terrace for a nightcap and to reflect on our day.

Another bucket list item checked off the list!


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