The Snowpocalypse

Funny enough we’re sitting here watching it snow…again, and I’m just now getting the pictures of the blizzard we had last week up.
Yep. It’s April. The time when flowers should be blooming, birds should be singing, and people should be sitting on sunny patios sipping mimosas and thawing out their winter bones.
But nope, South Dakota got its seasons mixed up and gave us the Snowpocalypse.
Jim wasted no time in trying on his snow coat.

We treated ourselves to snow cream.

Then watched as it piled up, massive fluffy flake by flake.

Jim was in heaven of course.

Although this time it was even a little too much for even him.

After two days of snow dumping on us it finally stopped.

And help came to help us dig out.

We tried to get out and play for a bit (no sledding, you need hills for sledding you see).




But after a few minutes of bulldozing through the two feet of snow, Jeannie ended up with a belly covered in clumps of snow and looked to me for some assistance getting back home.

I won’t pretend I’m not depressed that it’s snowing instead of sunshiny and warm, but I will admit it was pretty.

And it leaves time for a few slow breakfasts, catching up on sleep, and finally tackling a few of those to-do list items you’ve been putting off.

Although this second snow storm is just silly. Where are you Spring???

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