The Pink Door

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Where we found a shortage of food options in Portland, in Seattle we had so many it became really hard to choose. We finally settled on The Pink Door
This is the front of the restaurant, that to anyone passing by might be written off to just a fun paint job. Oh but they would be mistaken.
Inside is a beautifully decorated cabaret style lounge. 

Seeing as it was one of the top rated restaurants in the city, and we did not have reservations, we weren’t sure we would get in. Luckily, we got our names on the list and were able to go to an Irish pub across the way to have a few beers before our final reservation time of 9:30. We were seated in a cozy little corner on the outside patio. I only wished there had been a little more daylight to really take in the ocean scenery, although the night lights were pretty spectacular. 

We even caught the show! (How happy does the blond behind the performer look? Haha!)

I had made a promise that I would go killer whale style on the coast once we arrived. That didn’t happen in Portland, but you best believe it did in Seattle. I LOVE seafood. Nothing better than fresh, sweet and salty seafood, nothing!

By this point we were exhausted so we called it a night at the hotel bar (yay for late night happy hours!) with a moscow mule. 

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