The Nursery Reveal (finally)

Well it only took us until she was almost halfway to her first birthday to finally get her nursery finished (and we still have one more picture to hang), but that is the way it goes when your life is on the move constantly.
Aubrey’s gender was kept a surprise until she was born. We loved the idea of not having any expectations of preconceived notions of the little one that was going to change our world. We also are really not fans of anything very gender specific, pink or blue. So we knew we wanted the nursery to be completely gender neutral, but I hated the idea of sticking totally to gray and yellow. I also wanted it to feel serene and relaxing. A sort of oasis. 
I spotted this adorable sailboat mobile on another blog one day, and the concept for the nursery came into picture. 
What could be more fitting for a baby conceived in South Dakota, born in Germany, living in Turkey, and one day returning to her parent’s hometown in North Carolina, than a room inspired by traveling the world far and near? 
Bits and pieces along the way were created by family members. The Baby J pillow below was made by Will’s mom, and the blanket was knit by my Aunt Becky.

Will’s mom also made this bunting. 

My Dad built the book shelves.

The “A” and “J” book letters came from a store in Asheville. The small angel was a gift Aubrey received from a store owner in Heidelberg, Germany. It says Schutzengel, which means “guardian angel.” The small picture is a hand painted landscape of Cappadocia. And the owl and bookends were gifts from my Mom. 
Not seen in these pictures are a few other gifts Aubrey received both before and after she was born, including an “evil eye” trinket, and a hand painted whale from a pottery shop in Cappadocia. 

Dad also made this blanket ladder. 
The blankets themselves were handmade gifts from various friends and family (the bottom one from my Mom). 
I feel that the pictures don’t really do it justice, but I really love the way it turned out! 

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