The Longest Day On Earth

Yesterday was the longest day on earth. I’m sure of it. We started the morning at the lake, ate breakfast then came home to Asheville (<– man does it feel good to say that!). Watched TV for a bit then went to Walmart, came home, ate lunch, took a nap, and got around to organizing and putting up all of our clothes. Then Husband and his Dad hit a few golf balls (more on that later) while I caught up on blogging before fixing Indian for the in-laws and watching a movie.

I’m really not sure how that much can happen all in one day. Typically our Sunday are so consumed with driving back from Asheville or the lake and then running around trying to get groceries and take out in time to sit on the couch for an hour before bed. We are usually exhausted and frustrated from the simple rushing and running around of it all. Husband said yesterday it was nice to have a life again, and that is so true.

I’ve sworn for about a year now that time in Asheville is just slower than in Charlotte. It’s like life slows down without you even having to try. Its a phenomenon really.

This morning I rolled over and asked Husband what time it was. When he responded that it was 10:00 I was in shock. It has been literal years since we have slept in that late. I quite honestly can’t remember that last time. And it wasn’t like we woke up then dozed off and woke up again. We were out solid until that time. I don’t know if our bodies just needed the rest or if we were finally relaxed, but either way it felt good.

Amongst our errands of grocery shopping and making another trip to Walmart we took step one in exploring our hometown. Enter 12 Bones. Apparently the President ate there on his trip to Asheville.  I heard tale of its mouthwatering ribs and the lines wrapped around the building of hungry lunch-going Ashevillians trying to get in.

It didn’t disappoint.
I opted for the Spicy Thai Half Rack with mac ‘n cheese and collard greens and Husband surprised us with lunchtime brews.  I had the Pisgah Brewing Company Wheat and it was perfect.  The food was incredible.  The meat literally fell of the bones, the macaroni was the perfect balance of creamy yet almost soupy (because we all know it thickens the instant it hits your plate) consistency that Sister and I swear is macaroni gold if you can find and the collards were to dye for.  
Beers at lunch make life more fun 🙂

This meal at any other steakhouse or rib joint would have cost an easy $15+ but 12 Bones will set you up with the whole meal and a slice of sweet cornbread for $10.  Money well spent.  Money WELL spent.
We sat outside and enjoyed the breeze.  I seriously can’t get over the weather here.  It almost feels like Fall and it is amazing!

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