The Long Lost Saturday

When we lived in North Carolina our calendars were booked up months in advance. Birthday parties, weekend bashes with friends, lake weekends, family dinners, and annual can’t-miss festivities filled up nearly every Saturday we had. People often wondered why it was so hard for us to get things done around our house in Charlotte, or why we had a difficult time making new friends in the South Charlotte area we lived in. The reason was that it’s hard to stay on top of things or meet people when you are never home. On the off chance we had a free Saturday, it was spent running frantic errands or completing too long put-off projects. 
One of the great discoveries we have made here in South Dakota is finding the long lost Saturday. It was a myth as far as wee were concerned, but thankfully we have proven it’s existence.
Without friends and family near, every weekend is free, and multiple Saturdays we have woke up, looked at each other and asked, “So, what do you want to do today?”
Do you know how fabulous it is to be able to ask that question?
This past Saturday it was a gorgeous, sunny day, with the temperature hovering in the low 80’s. Our fridge was empty so we threw on some clothes, grabbed the dogs, and growling stomachs in tow, made a beeline for Arnold’s Diner, a 50’s inspired classic diner that we had been wanting to try for a while.
Saturdays were meant for big, glutenous breakfasts involving biscuits and gravy and crispy hashbrowns.

And mugs full of throat warming coffee shared to the tunes of days gone by.
Trips to the farmer’s market.
Cheese & Edible Flowers
Casual meandering through novelty shops to oogle at the delectable goodies.

Art Alley
And happening upon unique little corners of the place you call home.
But our adventures didn’t stop there. We had planned ahead with bags full of bathing suits and sunscreen, because we were headed to the lake!

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