The Flume Trail: Part 2

Our bellies were full and the dogs had lost interest in the lake so we began our trek to the tunnels.
We crossed the dirt road (pic in yesterday’s post) to the other side of the lake and shimmied up some stone stairs to find this pretty little bridge over the rushing water below.
Husband’s eyes were as big as tennis balls when he realized that the long brown thing in the water below was actually a fish.
Jim was just happy to be free from his leash 🙂

We never do a good job of taking photos together, so we took a chance (while my heart raced) and placed my camera on one of the posts for a timed photo opt. I was just thankful a big gust of wind didn’t carry to it’s rocky death.

Sheridan Lake

Jeannie’s face in this picture absolutely cracks me up!

Mom, I was enjoying my run. Put me down!

As we were walking Husband suddenly stopped and closed his eyes. Upon questioning he told me to do the same and just listen. These little medallion shaped leaves were dancing in the breeze and the sweet rustling sound they made was music to our ears. 

After hiking on the narrowest of trails by the flume bed we arrived at the first tunnel.
Jim of course ran straight in, to make sure it was safe you know 🙂

Husband bought me an awesome head lamp as part of my birthday present. Walking through a dark tunnel seemed like the perfect time to break it in.

We had been going for hours so we decided not to hike up to the other tunnels, and instead off roaded down a steep embankment Bear Grylls style as a shortcut back to a stream Husband wanted to fish. 
The dogs and I played with the camera.

Blue Steel

Man, I love the sun mom!

Me too!

Such hams 🙂
At this little juncture, our trail was just across the stream. However, there were no rocks positioned close enough to easily cross without getting soaking wet.
15 minutes, a log move, the interesting task of awkwardly crawling across algae covered stones and logs, and Jeannie crossing a current that should have shot her out way down stream, we were across and back on our way.

Except instead of going back to the car, Husband wasn’t quite done fishing, so once again we left the trail behind and scaled a few rocks to get to the perfect spot.

Jim almost fell to his death here. I may or may not have screeched at Husband in response. He gets so excited when he is in the woods, he’s often 50 feet ahead while the dogs and I are stumbling behind trying to keep up (Jeannie’s legs are short and those rocks were TALL). 

But at least we DO get to see some uniquely beautiful places.

Six hours later we made it back to the car. Exhausted, dirty, and so unbelievably thankful for the time together and the opportunity to explore such a beautiful place. It almost felt like being in the mountains back home 🙂

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