The First Fishing Trip of the Season…All 5 Minutes of It

For a few brief minutes this past weekend, Husband and I thought we were finally going to get back out in the hills and soak up some much needed sunshine.
I spread out my blanket, broke out the kindle, and settled into my selected spot for the afternoon.

Jeannie assumed her spot watching the creek.
Husband set to work tying on his fly.

Jim impatiently waited to get in the river with Dad.

Husband got his feet wet, and threw a line in.

I took selfies on the bank. I was happy happy happy to be in the sunshine again!
One cast…

Two cast…

Three cast…

Four cast…

Jim in his rush to make sure he was right on Dad’s heels for the action, didn’t consider that he would have to cross back through the water to get to the bank.

And the water was cold.

He whined. Stuck his foot out as if I could grab it and help him back to the bank.

Gave up and went back to watching Dad.

Begged for help again, then finally crossed.
Five cast…and rain.

Not five minutes into his first fishing trip of the season, Husband got caught in a downpour that started as rain and quickly turned to freezing rain/sleet. 
When the first few drops fell I immediately gathered my stuff and the dogs and headed to the car. A few minutes later Husband threw his gear in the back and jumped in, waders and all.
We waited ten whole minutes hoping the rain would pass before Husband finally gave up.
The fish are safe for now, but we’ll be back!

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