The Excitement of the Base

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to visit Husband for a couple of weeks during his last bit of training. I may be the only dork that gets really excited about being around all of the happenings and buzz that goes on around the base, but I was absolutely giddy about coming back. 
At 6:30 am you wake to Reveille, then at 5:00 pm the Retreat song and National Anthem are played, and to round out the night Taps plays through the air at 9:00 pm. At any given moment planes are flying overhead, practice drills send the noise of guns firing to your ears, landscaping mowers hum, marching and chants announce the flights in training, all creating the harmony of the base. 
There is a sense of community, of respect, and it all makes it so clear just how real it is that you are part of something so much bigger than yourself. I love being surrounded by people focused on fitness, and on family, and camaraderie. It’s awesome to have people just a few doors away that know exactly what you are going through and are there with a smiling face whenever you need them.
And best of all I adore having the time with Husband. The last time I was here we had a casual weekday evening, I was working on dinner in our tiny little kitchen and he was sitting at the bar, and we just talked and hung out. I know it sounds ridiculous to regard that kind of moment as anything but normal, but after four years of not having them, there are few things that make me quite as content and happy as having an afternoon that doesn’t involve homework, regular work, or a list of to do’s a mile long. I LOVE getting to just hang out with my husband. 
Being here has given us both a little glimpse into how our life might be in South Dakota. Where work days end at 4:30 or 5:00. Running together, fixing dinner together, going on a mid-week date, or just catching a silly show on TV can be actual realities. There will be days when he can come home for lunch, and for the mid-day kisses alone that fills me with excitement for the future. For me, one (of the MANY) great things about the Air Force is their sincere focus on family. I’m so grateful we’ve found a job and “company” that counts our happiness as a family as a very important factor.

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