The End Of A Marriage & The Beginning of TWO Others

This weekend Cliz and I attended the wedding of a friend who went to high school with Clint, Husband and I.  The wedding took place at the Lake Lure Inn famously known as the place where Dirty Dancing was filmed.  To say it was beautiful would be a gross understatement.  Big rocky mountains meeting green trees and a lake of glass surrounded the entire event.  
What was not so beautiful was the beads of sweat pouring down our faces thanks to the near hundred degree weather and humidity.

Trolley ride to the wedding site

This wedding is the last I will have to attend alone for the foreseeable future.  It also marks the end to a sweet sweet marriage.  The one I’ve shared with Cliz this summer.  I have to give it to Clint he’s been a wonderful substitute Husband and hasn’t complained once about having to deal with the nagging and craziness of TWO wives.  I think that puts him up there somewhere close to the Man of Steel.

This wedding also marked the beginning of a beautiful marriage between the bride and groom, AS WELL AS what I almost consider to be the beginning of Husband and I’s marriage.  We are three days away from the BAR and law school being over for good (hopefully) and in my mind three days away from finally having a marriage.  Yes we will be celebrating our two year anniversary in a little over a month, but these first few years of our marriage have been shadowed by law school, internships and now BAR study.  We have yet to really have a time to just be married and enjoy life, or even a normal routine.  We haven’t been able to sit at the dinner table and catch up or meet at the gym on a semi-daily basis.  We haven’t had the luxury of trying out different local restaurants or going to local events. We haven’t been able to go on spur of the moment weekend getaways or even spend more than two consecutive weekends at our home just nesting.  This time at the barn will almost be like our honeymoon period and I’m bursting with excitement over falling in love all over again, reconnecting, experiencing life together and finally starting our marriage.

So cheers to the new happy couple!

Cheers to two friends who are like family!

Cheers to a beautiful wedding and a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

Cheers to Husband for his incredible determination and discipline!

And cheers to us, new beginnings and a life filled with love and joy!

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