The Drive to Fort Collins

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I know you guys are probably tired of a) sunset/sunrise/snow pictures out our back door, and b) that little blue barn that I find so fascinating and take a million pictures of.
The good news is, I have much more variety coming up in the next few posts.
The bad news is, you are going to have to suffer through a few more sunset barn pics until then, because I (well neither Hubs nor I) can stop taking pictures of the gorgeous scene that plays out night after night over our back yard.
A friend of mine commented the other day that we live in a postcard. There are many days I would agree. There are a lot of not so pretty places and things about South Dakota, but at the same time there are some places and instances that just blaze with beauty. The flat expansive land yields a very different sunset, and sunrise for that matter, than we are used to, and we can’t get enough of it. 

But onto the weekend…

Friday Husband picked me up from my last day at my old job, and thanks to his boss we headed out a few hours early for the Colorado state. 

We were headed to Fort Collins. No big reason really, other than the fact that we had never been there, had been to Denver and Boulder, and the promise of a collection of breweries within walking distance.

Being honest, we hate the drive to Colorado. It takes at least 5.5 hours to get to the first desirable town, and the road to get there includes miles and miles (and miles and miles and miles) of flat, brown, empty land. It gets a little eerie at times because there is nothing around, no gas station handy in case of emergency, and NO cell signal. 

Friday was even worse as we battled with icy roads (that we couldn’t see until we were already on them), the darkness that swept over us just a few hours after we left, and the fact that it was late on a Friday night after an exhausting week. 

By the time we got to the hotel we couldn’t even bring ourselves to go out for a drink, or at least spend a few minutes in the hot tub. Instead, we hunkered down in the bed and watched TV until the only channel we cared about was the back of our eyelids.

Which was perfectly fine because come Saturday we hoofed it around the city for what ended up being a very long, yet totally awesome day.

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