The Day Everything Happened

June 3, 2011
Today (which is actually a day a few weeks prior to this day the 27th of June), the stars aligned, the clouds rolled away and the sun shined bright and beautiful in the sky and I even heard the birds singing a tune I know was devoted to us. Today was the day that the past three years of waiting, of praying for patience, of living on the hope of tomorrow, of worrying, of trying our best to appreciate the little things, and of talking relentlessly about what ifs, finally came to an end and things actually started happening.
Today I told my boss I am leaving my job. Today we listed our first home for sale. Tomorrow strangers will scrutinize, pick and poke at the house we’ve poured our souls into making our own. We will wait, silently hoping that someone will fall in love with it the way we did, and help the letting go of our known life a little less stressful.

Husband has just finished three years of law school and we have decided to accept an offer from the Air Force JAG. We have no idea where we will be this time next year. South Korea? Idaho? Italy? Literally, no clue. Being give a time period of three to six months after the BAR results are released for Husband to begin training we have very little structure to go on.

You should know now that I like to plan. I like to have a plan. I like to plan things for other people. Uncertainty is not my friend (or even a distant cousin that I don’t mind to talk to at mandatory family reunions). I can deal with a little spontaneity from time to time and I am addicted to change, but when it comes to major life decisions I like to have all of my options laid out with clear precise understanding of their repercussions. So when we made the decision to sell our little house, quit my job, and move back to Asheville (our hometown) for an indefinite amount of time and without a definite job or income in the interim, it’s needless to say I was terrified, excited, a little worried, and determined to make it work.
We are going to live in a barn.
Not just any barn. An old tobacco barn turned small business office, turned guest room, turned beautiful rustic vaulted ceiling full kitchen with mountain views apartment. It brings a whole new meaning to the sayings “do you think we live in a barn?” and being “raised in a barn”. We will be consolidating our 1500 square feet worth of belongings to a roughly 500 square feet space in the loft of my in-laws barn.
We will help tend bees, raise steer, garden, spend mornings coffee in hand watching the fog lift from the mountains and evenings on the porch sipping local beers, rediscover the little town that we call home, cherish the time we will have with our families and friends before we ship off to some strange land, and relish in the little break that God has so graciously given us.

This is a story of two young professionals who took a huge leap of faith, floated on hopes and dreams of a bright future, and landed in…

The Barn

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