The Day After

Ok, technically the beer bottling was the day OF Thanksgiving, but who’s checking?
Thanksgiving night we bottled up Husband’s latest batch of beer. It’s a wicked brown ale and it smelled wonderful. I can’t wait to try it!

Jim thought we were cooking up something good. Check out those Puss In Boots (from Shrek) eyes…

Anything good up there Dad?

Jeannie could have cared less as usual.

He eventually gave up when no scrumptious morsels found their way to the floor.

And then he got bored.

The next day we drove to Deadwood to check into the Lodge. The plan was to gamble, eat and drink our way to an awesome night in the Black Hills.
The snow was a recent downfall looked gorgeous dusted over the hills.

We are not big gamblers. In fact, it hurts us both, a lot, to lose money. We don’t understand slots at all, but gave the video poker our best shot before finally getting a seat at the Black Jack table. 

We did not have good luck to say the least.

We finally gave up hope of winning big, or even breaking even, and went to the grill for dinner and a dirty martini.

We suited up and made our way to the hot tub in the water park area, but after about 30 minutes of trying to talk over the scream and splashing of children we gave up and went back to the room. It was a fun night. Not sure that it was what we were hoping for, but it was better than sitting at home.
The next day we had plans to go to Spearfish, find a Christmas tree, and spend the night decorating.

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