Discovering Our Hometown: The Biltmore Estate


It’s been a long time since I started this blog and committed to rediscovering the area where Will and I were born and raised. Oddly enough, living in a place all your life doesn’t necessarily equate to knowing it through and through. I’ve realized over the years there is a lot here I’ve never seen or experienced. And while it’s a bit sad to say, it’s also a great reason to pour our attention into seeing and doing all the things that keep people flocking to this beautiful area. We’re lucky to have found “home” in a place teeming with so many amazing things to do, food to eat, and breathtaking scenery to see. 

So, I’m resurrecting the Discovering Our Hometown series. We’ve made it a habit to play tourist in every place we’ve lived, and we couldn’t be more excited to do the same here in Western North Carolina. We hope to see our hometown in an all new light.

To start, my family decided to splurge on Biltmore Estate annual passes. I used to work in the gift shops in high school and would have told you I’ve seen all there is to see, but after visiting for a few short hours the other evening I can tell you I have in fact, not seen it all.


So much has changed there, and so many new things have been developed since I drove my little red convertible through the private roads, donning my hideous uniform (I even had an ascot). 


Not to mention having the luxury of visiting spontaneously whenever you feel like taking a stroll, or riding a bike, or having a picnic takes the experience to a whole new level. Getting those passes was one of the best things we’ve done in a long time. 


Expect to see a number of posts about Biltmore in the future. I hope to showcase it in all seasons and in all the ways we want to make use of our time and passes there. 


Right now is tulip season in the gardens, and it’s nothing short of amazing. 


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