The 2015 Inaugural Lake Trip

Every year, on whatever weekend that falls near April 15, we kick off the season at my parents’ lake house. 
This year Aubrey and I were lucky enough to be home at the time of the inaugural weekend, so Aubrey was able to get her first taste of lake life. 

The weather wasn’t super cooperative. It didn’t really rain too much, but the overcast skies weren’t exactly the sunny and 75 climate we were hoping for. 

But we weren’t about to let the weather get us down.

Instead, we outfitted the babies in their swimsuits…

and filled up a couple of coolers with some warm water for a little lakeside playtime.

Aubrey was not a big fan until we moved her into the cooler with her cousin Evan.

Luckily he was a good sport for a while, until his little legs got tired of providing a seat for Aubrey. 

The rest of the weekend was spent lounging, eating, and catching up.

All things a good weekend at the lake is supposed to include 🙂

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