Sylvan Lake in the Winter

A few weeks ago we were itching to get out of the house, and Will (a.k.a. Husband) was itching to hike.
He still hasn’t gotten to experience Needles Highway, and neither of us has checked off the Cathedral Spires trail on our hiking bucket list, so we made the drive out to Custer to make it happen.

Only, we I forgot that Needles Highway is closed during the winter, and thus our access to the trail was blocked off. 

So we pulled off at Sylvan Lake, determined to spend a little time outside however we could.

There is a great loop around the lake that is super easy to hike, and is sufficient to stretch your legs a little. 

We made the loop and let the dogs run a bit.

And marveled again at just how beautiful Sylvan Lake is. I swear it’s one of the most beautiful lakes I’ve ever seen.

On our way back to Rapid we met some friendly natives.

We’ve seen bighorn sheep just one other time, when family of four was grazing on a yard as we flew past in the car.

This time we stopped and took some pictures.

I got a little scared at one point though. I was edging closer to this little guy trying to get a close up (I NEVER have my zoom lens when I need it!) and big papa started toward me. 

I jumped back and nearly ran in front of a car rushing to get back to our car.

But he left me alone. 

Now I think I can say I’ve seen all the well-known SoDak wildlife, Will however, is still short seeing those adorable white, fluffy mountain goats. Let’s hope for a busy spring in the hills!

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