Sunday Cooking (or Meal Prep if you prefer)

Sundays are a slow business around here.IMG_6646

Breakfast usually involves some form of pancakes or waffles, NPR is streamed from the computer, and Will and I spend the morning sharing a french press of coffee and laughing at Paula Poundstones’ hilarious self.


The afternoons are spent grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week.

Back when I worked I spent no less than 3 hours every Sunday cooking and prepping food for the week ahead. Thankfully now the most we really cook ahead is lunch since it can sometimes be hard to find extra time in the mornings.


And Sunday dinner is always our time to completely slow down, relax and unwind, eat something delicious and comforting, and cherish the last few moments of the weekend.


It’s been a while since Will and I have gotten to enjoy a good Sunday at home together, but his plane is supposed to touch down tomorrow night, and I fully intend on making sure we spend as many slow days at home as possible before work and the world pick us up and send us off our separate ways again.

What’s your favorite way to spend a Sunday?

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