Sunday Afternoon Cabbage Soup


I had a serious hankering for cabbage soup the other day. I realize that may sound weird to most of you but if I go a few days trying my best to imitate my college self, my body CRAVES healthy food. Generally this is in the form of a giant dark green salad but occasionally all I can think about is a brothy soup.

Granny had informed me she has a collection of cabbage for me to take care of and the first thought that came to mind was cabbage and white bean soup. So I googled.

And came upon this recipe.

It was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered.

It was a cold Sunday afternoon. Husband and I had gotten through another fun filled long weekend complete with a day long beer festival and nothing sounded better than settling in with a good movie and a hearty soup.

In keeping with the dark and stormy theme of the weather Husband mixed up some dark and stormies to warm us from the inside out, and a baguette of crusty bread in anticipation of soaking up delicious soup later.

I really can’t say enough about how good this soup turned out. Although I do have a few notes.

1. I’m not sure what kind of super fast ultra cooking machine Heidi Swanson uses but I’ve never managed tender golden brown potatoes in a matter of five minutes. I definitely had to cook them for around 15 I would guess.

2.. I never know exactly how much a half pound of anything is unless there is a package to tell me (Husband and I have regretting not buying a food scale more than once!). So I’m pretty sure I used too many potatoes (4 medium-ish russets I think). Because of the added starch I had to compensate with a little extra stock. I believe I ended up using more like 7 cups instead of the 5 the recipe calls for. Granted we wanted a brothy soup so you may not need the extra juice if you like a really thick soup.

3. The cabbage also took more like 10-15 minutes to soften our desired tenderness. I suppose that would be left to your personal preference.

4. The amount of soup I generated will be feeding up for the rest of the week or at least until Thursday easily even with slurping down two bowls each for dinner.

Not that pretty but oh so delicious!

Overall I would say the soup took more like 30-45 minutes to cook. Not too bad for a savory delight on a cold Sunday night (apparently now I’m rhyme) when you’ve got nothing to do but watch cows and steal kisses 🙂

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