Sunday Afternoon Apple Pie

Not having to drive back to Charlotte on Sunday afternoons has left us with quite a bit of free time on our hands.  Of course whenever we find a spare afternoon we typically end up in our favorite place…the kitchen.
Husband has been busy in the kitchen since our move to the barn. Having spent the last three years handling basically all of our meals and grocery needs I’m happy to turn over the responsibility for a while.
This particular Sunday his evening specialty was apple pie.

Raw turbinado sugar

We still don’t have our ice maker hooked up so he improvised with the whiskey stones I bought him for his last birthday.
*For those of you wondering whiskey stones are actual stones that you keep in the freezer for using to cool down your whiskey, bourbon or scotch without watering down the flavor

Jeannie supervised from her perch on the couch.
Queen Bee

Apple pie was the special because we have about 500 (small exaggeration) about to go bad if we don’t use them soon. We hit up Granny’s apple trees a week ago and got a little out of control.

Speaking of, check out this comparison of homegrown apples to ones we bought at Sams club.  Pretty sick how fake and overgrown the Sams Club ones are right???
Real apples have spots and are misshapen but pack awesome flavor 🙂

Vanilla extract, Turbinado sugar, Nutmeg and Apples for the filling

While he sauteed the apples I took my daily shots of the cows.

Another masterpiece.

The dough didn’t turn out quite as well as it usually does so we weren’t able to actually weave the lattice pattern on top, but don’t be mistaken it was still delish!

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