Storknesting Sightseeing: Lembach, France

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Will and I have a number of travel bucket list items we hope to check off in our lifetimes. One that I didn’t know of Will’s was to see the Maginot Line. 
I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I did not do a great job of paying attention in my high school history classes, so I had no idea what the Maginot Line was. 

It turns out it’s a pretty interesting piece of history. After World War I the French built a system of underground bunkers to prevent a German invasion. However, the Germans ultimately came in through the Belgian border, conquering France in about 6 weeks time, causing the intricate structure to become one of the biggest military failures in history. 

We missed the tour, but were able to see some of the structures and tanks.

The historic site was located just outside of a town called Lembach, where we decided to stop for lunch.

The town was dripping in the most colorful flowers, and looked like something out of a picture book.

We stopped at a quaint little restaurant and dined on a massive lunch of duck, roast beef, and creme brûlée. 

It was one of the best meals we have ever had, and felt so special to us. Sitting at a little corner table, listening to the rattle of French as conversations filled the air around us, eating delicious food, and feeling the love between us…it was a special moment.

We couldn’t believe the color of these flowers, and were convinced they were faked somehow. But then we saw them for sale a few weeks later and the colors look real! No idea what they are.

I think somehow we knew it was our last date before our lives changed forever. That sounds morose, and I don’t mean for it to. I’m so glad that we spent our last few days as a family of two doing the things that we love best. It couldn’t have been more special, and made me feel more complete and ready to welcome our little one.
Not to mention we’ve always had a soft spot for France 🙂

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