Storknesting Sightseeing: Heidelberg

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We knew our time was getting close, and each day we woke up trying to determine how I was feeling and if we could venture out again. Luckily I made it to the weekend and we were able to visit Heidelberg for it’s annual Fall Festival.
This town was just incredibly beautiful, with a gorgeous river running through it, complete with sailboats and kayakers. 

The festival took place in Old Heidelberg, an area filled with the traditional German style buildings and loads of character, which provided a stark contrast to the new Heidelberg area that boasted lots of modern concrete structures.

The streets were packed, music blasted through the air, and the beer was flowing. 

In spite of the crowd we somehow managed to get a seat at one of the cafes on the square…and a window seat where we could watch all of the action. We acknowledged that had I not been pregnant we would most definitely have been staying the night there and partaking heavily in the ample number of biergartens filling the streets. 

The weather was incredible, with just a touch of Fall starting to hint in the air. Leaving we had the thought that we would return to check out the town without all of the festival commotion, but time ran out on us. Either way we’re really glad we had the chance to see it while we were here. 

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