Staycation & Barn Wildlife

Husband and I have apparently decided that we are not done with vacation.  We have continued to eat till our bellies are about to pop, relax at our leisure, enjoy some seasonal brews (every night), take naps, visit the local attractions and basically do whatever our hearts desire.  
We started by going to the lake to recover from our week of moving…

Tempeh kebabs 

Our meals often look like this…

Fresh delicious veggies from the garden, brown butter dover sole and smoked gouda rice…
And sometimes at night we hand out with the likes of these guys…

We tried to entice him with a cricket but he was wise to our game and didn’t budge.
Jim literally walked all over him.  Poor little toad was stuck under Jim’s crushing paw.  As we walked back to the barn that night Husband noticed two or three other of this guy’s friends hanging out on the side walk.

And speaking of hanging we have a nightly visitor on our deck.  The first time we noticed him it was because Jim walked out on the deck and about jumped out of his skin when he almost got his nose in the web.  

I”m scared to death of spiders but this guy is gone by the morning so I’m trying to put my fears aside and share the deck.
And now we’re off to hit a few golf balls before starting dinner.  Life on the farm is tough 😉

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